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Grounds Maintenance

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below. 

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Wayne Priestley.

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

GM0590 - Skate Parks - 06.02.18

This local authority would be grateful if other local authorities could
provide information on the following Questions about Skate Parks:

  1. Does your Authority have a policy/procedure for the management of community constructed skate parks?
  2. Does your Authority have any community run skate park facilities, if so how are they managed?
  3. Does you authority manage its own skateparks? If so how many and what is the annual budget for maintenance and repair?



GM0589 - Cost of herbaceous planting as compared to annual bedding - 06.02.18

A member authority is looking for information from authorities which
have investigated the level of unit cost for herbaceous planting
compared to annual bedding.

They are looking for the cost of maintenance per metre square for
annual bedding along with the cost of plants (can this be shown
separately) and the cost of maintenance of herbaceous areas
(along with the splitting and dividing every 3-5 years, again could
this be shown separately)

Also could authorities that have planted herbaceous areas how they
have managed public perception with the reduced amount of colour
and form during the winter period and how have they managed to
alleviate this in high profile areas.


GM0588 - Traffic management policies for mobile verge mowing – 01.02.18

A member authority is interested to discover what other local
authorities policies and practices are for using traffic management
for mobile verge mowing operations across the highway network
and various types of road, specifically:

  • When mowing highway verges under what traffic management circumstances do you use the large diagram 7403 (2.5m x 2.5m or 2.3m x 3.0m keep left arrow with flashing amber lights).
  • When mowing highway verges under what circumstances do you use temporary traffic control such as ‘stop & go’.


GM0587 - Provision of play parks - 01.02.18

A member authority is seeking information regarding the
procedures other members use to establish the provision of play
parks in a particular area or following a request.

Therefore information is sought regarding the criteria used for
selection such as:

  • distance from existing play area,
  • minimum no. of children served
  • any other factors.


GM0585 - Letting of Coarse Angling Rights - 30.01.18

A member authority is reviewing the letting of coarse angling rights
for lakes and rivers on its landholding.

The angling rights are currently leased to clubs by way of a licence
with rent set according to the number of ‘fishable’ pegs.

They would be interested in hearing from other authorities with

  • The method used for calculating rent for coarse angling licences/leases and the rental income received.
  • The average term of angling rights licences/leases on Council waters.
  • Whether incumbent angling clubs are given first consideration for renewal of leases/licences or whether angling rights are offered on the open rental market at the end of the term.
  • Whether any authorities let lakes or reservoirs for game fishing and the rental income received for such licences/leases.


GM0584 - Tree inspections - 30.01.18

A member authority is enquiring as to the frequency of tree
inspections in other local authorities.

In particular they are interested in the frequency of tree inspections
for the following:

  • Parks and green spaces ( number of parks and number of trees therein)
  • Street trees/Trees on highways (number of trees)
  • Cemeteries (number of cemeteries and number of trees therein)
  • Woodlands (number of woodlands and trees therein)

They are happy to receive any other details members may be of
help to their query.


GM0583 - Ranger Review - 02.01.18

A member authority is currently reviewing the role of the ranger service.

Since 2010 financial cuts have led to the reduction in the service
and there are now only a few rangers left.

The authority is now looking at new ways of meeting the needs of
the parks in respect to events, biodiversity, community engagement,
grant funding, management plans etc.

Have any member authorities undergone a review of the role of their
Ranger Services and what was the outcome?

1a) Has the ranger service been deleted?
1b) If so how has the gap been filled?
2a) Has the service been retained as it is?
2b) Have the job descriptions of the rangers been modified to meet
the future demand of parks?
3) would any member authorities be willing to share information
such as job descriptions, experiences and new practices?


GM0582 - Charging for private commercial activities in parks and greenspaces - 02.01.18

A member authority would like to know what other Councils charge
commercial fitness groups/ boot camps for the use of their parkland
& open spaces, and how they enforce any charges. If you have any
comments on the barriers faced/overcome when setting up a
charging structure for sessional groups, they would also be



GM0579 - Renting out parks buildings – 16.02.18

A member authority has properties in some of their parks and
county side sites and are limited in the value they offer because the
authority as a whole has historically made the decision not rent
property directly, but to form a housing association.

They would like to run the properties as assets, financially
supporting the associated parks and open spaces, with the freedom
to reduce rent proportionally if it is staff that are occupying, based
on additional duties they routinely completing.

The member authority is under very tight time frames and would
therefore appreciate any responses members may have asap.
Therefore we are asking that any responses be sent as soon as is



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