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Heat Networks and Climate Emergency Declarations

Tools to meet targets

Tuesday 25 June 2019 
Dorset House, 4 Kettering Road, Enfield, EN3 6XA
10:00am registration for a 10:30am start

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Heat networks and pumps are a favoured technology with funding available from government to support feasibility and works. The number of Climate Emergencies Declarations are growing rapidly and the two can come together to help local authorities reduce carbon emissions.

This event will provide an opportunity to consider practical issues around heat networks and pumps as well as customers and enable a site visit and ask questions to technical experts. It will also provide a chance to investigate Climate Emergency Declarations and their impacts on local authorities. It will also look at how projects such as heat networks fit into an action plan to meet a carbon neutrality target within a relatively short period of time.

APSE Energy members are free to attend. Others are welcome.

The event will support those local authorities who:-

are investigating heat networks as a technology, the practical issues related to siting, constructing and maintaining a network, understanding the equipment and looking after the customers and;
have a Climate Emergency Declaration in place, or one coming, and are looking to manage the process, draw up a plan, understand the wider context and internal issues relating to such motions and manage expectations across their local authorities. 


Enfield’s Ground Source Heat Pumps
Ieman Barmaki, Commercial Sustainability Manager, Enfield Council

The site, the equipment and the outputs
Dr Matt Trewhella, Managing Director Contracting and Dr Stewart Gadsden, Technical Sales Manager, Kensa Heat Pumps

Looking after the customer!
Bindi Patel, Head of Scheme, Heat Trust

Energetik – Enfield Council’s heat network company
Anna Eagar, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Energetik

Climate Emergency Declarations
Steve Cirell, APSE Energy Associate

Climate Emergency Declarations - Developing an action plan
Steve Cirell, APSE Energy Associate


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