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The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below.

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Phil Brennan


RENEW131 - Carbon Offset - 030621

The network would like to know how regularly carbon offset is used in planning energy efficiency/climate change projects:-

  • How is this calculated as part of your schemes?
  • Do you use any local guidance as to when it is appropriate to use?
  • Any other information or documents you are able to share


RENEW130 - Environmental Impact Assessments - 030621

As more authorities adopt environmental, or climate change impact assessments on their decision making processes, the climate change network would appreciated details on the following matters:-

  • Have you trained staff to assess the environmental impact of decisions or does this assessment sit with a specific officer or team within the council?
  • What does your Environmental Impact Assessment cover? For example carbon reduction, biodiversity, energy savings?
  • Are you able to supply copies of any related documents to guide the assessment process?


RENEW129 - Tackling Energy Efficiency Measures in Listed/Heritage Buildings - 030621

Have any APSE member councils explored or developed guidance on how listed or heritage buildings can be made more energy efficient in ways which still preserve the historic fabric, character and appearance of the building?


RENEW128 - Leaseholder contributions to Net Zero investment - 030621

This Council landlord is aware that recent building safety and compliance investment has already heavily impacted on some leaseholders. 

The ‘net zero’ investment agenda will also potentially have a financial impact on leaseholders.

They would like to hear from other authorities and social landlords about how they are approaching this issue and what steps they have taken or planning to take to support leaseholders in this area with such impacts.


RENEW127 - Medium term carbon budgets for teams/directorates - 270521

This authority is considering establishing a medium term carbon budget and would like to hear from other councils who have done this. This authority is also interested to know how other councils have fairly distributed the budget between teams or directorates?


RENEW126 - Carbon Footprint for Festivals and Events - 270521

This authority wishes to establish a carbon footprint for its festivals and events. They are seeking advice and guidance from any local authorities who may already have carried out a similar carbon mapping exercise. The Council is also looking for a methodology to complete the carbon mapping exercise, or any good practice already implemented by other local authorities.


RENEW125 - Solar panels and storage on council domestic properties - 270521

This authority is looking into fitting solar panels on their council stock. They are keen to hear from others who have done so and would like information on the following:-

  • The nature of the panels and the manufacturer?
  • Maintenance requirements?
  • Parts that require planned replacement?
  • Storage options any council has invested in?
  • Destination of the energy?

They would be grateful to hear about any other related matters or problems encountered by those who have fitted or considered fitting such panels.


RENEW124 - Offsetting for carbon neutral building developments - 210521

This authority is interested in hearing from other authorities who have completed carbon neutral  building developments and have adopted carbon offsetting. 

A new carbon neutral flagship office development is being progressed which supports the Council’s goals and aspirations towards a carbon neutral future. The building will be designed to achieve the UK Green Building Council’s 2025 net zero office energy performance target - BREEAM ‘Outstanding’.

To achieve this standard the Council will be required to offset embodied carbon and they are therefore seeking advice and guidance from other Councils who have completed similar developments to help understand and identify the approaches that were adopted when offsetting carbon, along with the carbon offsetting schemes utilised, explaining further how this was detailed and captured within tender specifications.

RENEW123 - Monitoring the carbon impact of homeworking - 210521

This authority is looking to monitor the carbon impact of staff working from home. This includes matters such as extra electricity use for laptops or computers used at home, extra fuel for heating used at  home and extra water used at home. They would like to hear from others who have:

  • introduced methods of monitoring these and related activities;
  • how well they are working;
  • problems encountered;
  • if / how these problems were overcome;
  • if / how this is being reported internally;
  • any definitions for performance indicators;
  • any other thoughts or ideas related to this issue.


RENEW122 - Tender documents for EWI - 060521

This Council is bidding for LAD2 funding and part of the proposed works will be the installation of External Wall Insulation. Do any other councils have or have access to, a good all round works tender document to cover EWI they can use when they come to tender for the work?


RENEW121 - Sustainability templates and report - 230421 

A member authority will shortly be compiling their first annual sustainability report, they were wondering if there were any authorities who have completed one before who have templates or examples of completed reports they would be willing to share. 

RENEW120 - Carbon accounting/assessment for capital projects - 240321

This authority is interested in hearing from others regarding actions related to carbon accounting/assessment for capital projects. They are particularly interested in hearing from other local authorities that might be developing work in this area, particularly whether some have experience with PAS 2080 for carbon management.

RENEW119 - Environment, Energy & Climate Change ISO Accreditations - 050321

This authority is interested in gaining an insight into whether other local authorities have the ISO 50001 ,140001, 14064 and 21930 accreditations. They would be interested in hearing from councils who do have any of these accreditations and any information/opinions on the usefulness, staff time/resource and benefits/drawbacks of having them. However, they are also keen to hear from councils who have considered the accreditations but decided against it, and the reasons for this. 


RENEW118 - Collecting area-wide emissions data - 230221

This authority is looking for some insights from others regarding area-wide emissions data. Specifically, they are concerned that using BEIS data will pose problems due to it being 2 years old, and would like to know if/how other local authorities are obtaining any more up-to-date data. Any responses related to this topic would be greatly appreciated.

RENEW117 - Data for electric vehicle charge points - 150221

This authority is interested in hearing from other local authorities who have some data regarding electric vehicle charge points. They are particularly interested in answers to the following questions:

  • License fees charged by LAs as annual rental per unit?
  • Who is responsible for maintenance? 
  • Who is responsible for third party liability claims?
  • Who is responsible for electrical testing etc.?

RENEW116 - Low carbon leisure facilities - 110221

We are interested in hearing from local authorities who have undertaken projects to make their leisure facilities low/zero carbon. We are particularly interested in hearing about passivhaus buildings, or similar, for leisure facilities with swimming pools, but would welcome any information about initiatives to reduce carbon in local authority leisure facilities.

RENEW115 - Embedding carbon reduction targets into investments and pensions - 040221

This Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and has set themselves the targets of being a carbon neutral council by 2030 and to support a district wide target of 2037. As a district council, they have little influence over their pension, as it is the county council that controls where it is invested. However, they are interested in what other councils have done to help embed carbon reduction targets into their investment strategies and how to make sure that the investments remain in keeping with the 3 primary focuses stability, liquidity and yield. This authority would be particularly interested in answers to the following:

  1. Do you impact assess, monitor and report (internally or publically) the carbon emissions from investments? - If yes how do you do this? Does it help to encourage low carbon investment?
  2. What is your policy for your pension fund? Are there options for maintaining a stable investment but in a low carbon option? - If you are a district council how do you influence the pension pot?
  3. What is your policy for short term investments? This council works in cash investments rather than shares, so would like to know if there are low carbon options for this?

RENEW114 - Measuring and accounting for non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases - 120121

This authority is in the process of putting together a climate change strategy and action plan. The 2009 Climate Change (Scotland) Act lists the GHGs as carbon dioxide; methane; nitrous oxide; hydrofluorocarbons; perfluorocarbons; and sulphur hexafluoride – with all of these needing to be Net Zero by 2045. 

This authority is interested in finding out whether there is any currently published (or to be published) guidance on measuring and accounting for the non-CO2 gases? Or whether any other local authorities who are a bit further down the road have any experience in this area? Any responses related to this topic would be greatly appreciated.

RENEW113 - Addressing emissions resulting from procurement - 120121

This Council would like to find out what other Local Authorities are doing to address their emissions resulting from procurement. How have Local Authorities strengthened the hands of their Procurement Officers and what relevant questions have been asked to external companies to ensure the procurement of goods and services are low carbon? Any responses related to this topic would be greatly appreciated. 

RENEW112 - Sustainable construction and energy efficiency standards in new developments - 040121

This authority is in the process of updating their Local Development Plan and want to include sustainable construction and energy efficiency standards for any new development that goes above and beyond Building Regulations. They would love to hear from other local authorities who have such standards in place and, if so, what standards / targets they use. In particular, they are keen to hear details regarding how they put together a robust evidence base in support of these standards / targets.

RENEW111 - Changing overall energy supplier and building into climate plans - 040121

This authority is currently looking to change their Council’s overall energy supplier for electric and gas and wondered if any other authorities have done this recently and if so, have built this into the carbon neutral/climate change action plans and how is this worded? 


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