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SCOT0089 - School Crossing Patrols risk assessments

A member authority is seeking information regarding risk assessments for School Crossing Patrols. The authority would specifically like to know if any Scottish Local Authorities use an independent specialist to carry out SCP site specific risk assessments. If so would you be willing to share the details?

SCOT0088 - Electric / battery powered grounds maintenance equipment

This member authority is interested to hear what other colleagues are doing with regards to electric and / or battery powered grounds equipment. In particular:

1. Are you currently using electric or battery powered grounds maintenance equipment as an alternative to petrol / diesel equipment?

2. Can you list the type of equipment including make and model if possible?

3. What is the typical working time for each type of machinery before a recharge is required?

4. How robust is the equipment in an industrial environment?

5. Have you encountered any negatives since purchasing the equipment that you would take into consideration before making future purchases?

SCOT0087 - ASN Transport Provision

This local authority is interested to know what other member authority ASN pupil transport provisions and costs are. In particular:

1. Number of pupils provided ASN Transport?

2. Number of contracts?

3. Total costs?

4. Is this delivered internally, externally or a mixture of both? If both what are the numbers for each?

5. Has demands increased or decreased over the past 5 years? If so by what percentages?

6. Any specific policy information or changes you have made in the past 5 years?

7. Any other relevant information

SCOT0086 - Driver Licence Checks

This authority would like to know which Scottish local authorities outsource driver licence checks and if possible which companies they use?

SCOT0085 - Charges for Services

This authority would like to know how much your local authority charges for the following services:

1. Removal of dead animals from private properties

2. Supply of bins for new housing developments

3. Supply of bins for new housing developments - large commercial bins

4. Special uplifts

5. Outdoor sports pitches

6. Advanced purchase of lair - Burial ground (residents only) or if any council has for non-resident

7. Hire of pavillions.

SCOT0084 - Use of Telematics in Councils

This authority would like to ask if your Council use telematics and which company/companies are supplying the service to you?

SCOT0083 - Contractual overtime for Janitors

This local authority is looking to remove contractual overtime for janitors and would like to know if other member authorities are still paying for this? In particular could you please provide:-

Janitorial Hours

  1. Basic Hours
  2. Contractual Hours
  3. Banked Hours

SCOT0082 - Charges for Circuses and Funfairs

This local authority would be grateful if other member authorities could provide a list of their charges for Circuses and Funfairs. Please complete the table below inserting your charges in the appropriate columns, should your charges be calculated differently please use the comments box to provide further information.

SCOT0081 - Waterproof clothing for waste collection crews

This local authority would like to ask other member authorities involved in domestic and commercial waste collection about the waterproof clothing they provide their employees, specifically:-

1. What standard and specification of waterproof clothing is provided to operational waste collection crews (coats, anoraks, 3-in-1 jackets, overtrousers etc)?

2. How often is this issued to waste collection crews (e.g. on demand, annually, less frequently)?

3. Do you currently provide, or are you considering the provision of Goretex clothing? If so, what garments do you provide?

4. If you do provide Goretex clothing, how often do you renew this and do you have any special arrangements for cleaning and repair of garments?

SCOT0080 - Grass cutting frequency in days

This authority would like to ask others: how often if your grass cutting frequency (e.g. 10 days)?

SCOT0079 - Play equipment inspections regime

This authority is currently reviewing its regime on play equipment inspections. They currently inspect all of their play sites on a fortnightly basis and arrange for one independent inspection to be carried out annually. They work on a paper based system and are looking into using handheld devices to record inspection data (possibly using Total Mobile).

They would like to know:

1. What inspection regime do you follow?

2. Do you use digital systems including handhelds to record this data?

3. What systems do you use?

4. Do you have inclusive play parks?

5. How many play parks do you look after?

6. How many of these are inclusive?

7. How many of your play parks have toilet provision?

8. Are any of these toilets "changing places" toilets?

SCOT0078 - Chargeable garden waste collection

This local authority would be keen to hear from other member authorities regarding their garden waste collection, in particular:

1. Do you charge for your garden waste collection? If yes, please continue to answer the following questions

2. How much do you charge per annum?

3. After moving to a chargeable collection, how did this affect the number of bins to be collected?

4. What is the frequency of collection?

5. How has charging for the garden waste collection affected the overall recycling rate?

SCOT0077B - Recruitment process for Soft FM staff (catering and cleaning)

This local authority would be grateful if other member authorities could provide information on the recruitment process for their Soft FM Service, particularly for part time cleaning, catering and SXP posts:

Do you insist on PVGs for all employees?

What is your policy for references - do you insist on 3 years' employer references?

SCOT0077 - First use vehicle checks

This local authority would like to know if any other member authority:-

1. Have a section in their first use vehicle checks whereby drivers can say if they feel fit to drive on that day?

2. If yes, would you be willing to share and attach a copy of your first use vehicle check list?

SCOT0076 - Free School Meals for all Primary Schools

This local authority would like to know if any other member authorities are currently considering providing a free school meal to all primary school pupils or whether you have looked at extending the criteria e.g. primary 4?

SCOT0075 - Damaged wheeled bins

This local authority would like to know if any other member authority:

1. Has had any issues with damaged wheeled bins due to poor quality material?

2. If yes, how have you dealt with this problem?

SCOT0074 - Assisted Collections (Scottish Authorities)

A Scottish member authority would like to know from other Scottish authorities how they deal with assisted collections, in particular:

- Total number of properties able to receive assisted collection (only those accessible to assisted collection e.g. excluse flats)

- Current number of assisted collections

- Criteria used to assess eligibility to receive an assisted collection

- Copy of policy

SCOT0073 - Craft Salary Review

This local authority would be grateful if you could provide salary information for any of the following craft positions you have.

Trade: Approved Electrician; Gas Engineer; Advanced Plumber; Electrician; Approved Plumber; Bricklayer; Builder; Joiner; Painter; Plasterer; Slater/Roofer/Roughcaster; Glazier; Fencer; Skilled Labourer; Driver/Labourer.

Salary Information: Minimum Salary Band, Maximum Salary Band, Standard Hours Per Week. Does salary include any additional payments? I.e. out of hours working

In addition if you could:

Advise if there are any particular trades you are unable to recruit into

Advise if you have considered paying a market supplement, if yes would you be prepared to share your business case?

SCOT0072 - Food Waste Collections

This local authority would be interested to find out the following from other member authorities in relation to Food Waste Collections:

1. What types of vehicles are used to collect food waste?

2. What type of receptacle is used to collect food waste?

3. If collected in wheeled bin is this collected alongside green waste?

4. If collected in caddies do they use a slave bin or are they tipped directly into collection vehicle?

SCOT0071 - Telematics Fitment Policy

Does any member authority have a current policy pertaining to telematics fitment? The local authority in question is in discussion with the Trades Unions who have requested they draft a policy in relation to the use and application of this equipment.

SCOT0070 - Fleet Workshop Charges

This local authority would be grateful if other local authorities could provide information on the following: what is the workshop charge out rate per hour in your authority?

SCOT0069 - Pavement Management System

A Scottish member authority is reviewing the management of pavements as part of the road maintenance programme. Do you have a 'Pavement Management System'? Who is the supplier? What benefits does the system provide?

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