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AceOn’s Virtual Power Plant launches new era of home power

AceOn’s Virtual Power Plant launches new era of home power

Energy storage and battery specialist AceOn – APSE Energy’s Approved Partner - has launched a new era of home power with the first installations of its Renewergy Virtual Power Plant.

AceOn, working with a number of local councils, housing associations and council-owned housing companies, has completed installations of its energy storage systems in 100 homes already in 2021 - and is developing a significant pipeline of future installation projects - with excellent results for both tenants and housing providers being delivered.

The firm has also won praise from one of Parliament’s most influential MPs – chair of the Environmental Audit Committee Philip Dunne - after he was given a guided tour of its Telford headquarters.

AceOn Energy managing director Richard Partington said the foundations were now in place for the Renewergy VPP to start to play a significant role in helping the country hit its net zero carbon targets, with more installations in the pipeline.

The VPP captures and stores solar energy in the most efficient way possible – helping to lift homes out of fuel poverty, cutting bills and in future even delivering a new revenue stream for the public sector bodies which install and manage it. It also sends a clear message on the part of the local authorities that they are committed to a sustainable future.

“We have been delighted with the progress we have been able to achieve with the VPP in the last few months, and already have some really special plans for how we will develop it further in the months to come,” said Richard, a former managing director of Telford & Wrekin Council.

“These first installations have given us some crucial real-life data showing just how effective the system is and the scale of its potential for helping local authorities with the climate change emergency.

“The data suggests that the VPP can account for the great majority of a home’s electricity – sometimes over 90 per cent – and that our battery management software works really well at storing and using that electricity to maximum effect.

“There is a real gain to be had for the public sector here as well, with our approach generating extra revenue for the housing providers at the same time.  We have some really exciting plans around this which we will be announcing in the coming weeks.”

The compact system is small enough to fit in a cupboard under stairs and can be both retrofitted to existing homes and installed in new developments.

Meanwhile Mr Dunne said VPP technology could be spread ‘far and wide’ in the fight to cut the country’s carbon emissions after asking to visit AceOn earlier this summer to see the company’s pioneering work.

He said: “I was fascinated to see AceOn’s example of how solar power generated on the roof of a home can pass through an inverter, with the energy stored, to be released back into use in the home as required by the householder, or sold to the grid, using smart metering.

“I was encouraged to learn that one of the local housing associations have started installing it and tenants are beginning to benefit.  I think there's a real opportunity here if adoption of such technologies can be facilitated …to allow consumers to benefit from this innovation and cut emissions at the same time.”

Mr Dunne said that the work AceOn was doing on the Renewergy VPP and in developing new battery technology could play a key role in meeting the UK’s target to be carbon zero by 2050.

“There is currently not a comprehensive plan for achieving the emission reductions in our homes and this kind of capability to transform energy capture through solar panels on the roof into energy usage in our homes to cut down the emissions that we're expelling into the atmosphere could be a big part of it.”

AceOn has also teamed up with training provider GTEC to offer training to potential customers and installers to ensure smooth delivery of the VPP and the company’s other sustainable energy technology.

AceOn Group managing director Mark Thomson said:  “GTEC will use our equipment for their training and help to deliver the skills required to really accelerate the move to renewable energy.

“AceOn played an important role in establishing the new national standard for these qualifications by working with the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and we are delighted to now be involved in helping train the next generation of highly-qualified installers.

“We are very proud to have roles in every stage of this circular economy – from creating the product to installation, servicing, re-manufacturing for second life use, recycling and now training. Alongside our Renewergy VPP we can now offer a one stop solution covering every aspect of renewable energy. A sustainable circular economy is key to a better future for us all.”

AceOn has been described as “the Telford company taking on Tesla” for its pioneering work on sustainable energy.

The company is at the forefront of developing a raft of innovations to help the country meet its net zero carbon targets and deliver the green revolution which is needed to combat the climate crisis.

For more information about the AceOn group visit https://www.aceongroup.com/



Captions:  Mark Thompson, Alex Thompson and Richard Partington welcome Mr Dunne to AceOn 

For further information contact Annette Massam at Be Bold Media at annette@beboldpr.com or call 01952 898121


About the AceOn Group

AceOn is a pioneering energy storage and battery company with over 30 years’ experience in the battery industry. 

The company is based in Telford, Shropshire, and works across the UK and internationally with partners across the globe.

AceOn, which employs 27 members of staff, has built a reputation as being specialists in solar and battery technology, particularly the development of bespoke, custom-built battery packs. 

AceOn Energy is an approved national partner of both APSE Energy, part of the Association for Public Service Excellence, and the National Housing Federation and works with local authorities, housing associations and local, national and international businesses and organisations.

For more information about this pioneering company visit https://www.aceongroup.com/


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