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Network News - August 2019


Year 21 data collection – next target - Monday 2nd September 2019

The initial target date for the return of data submissions in the following service areas has now passed. The next phase of the data process is to hold specific data validation meetings which are taking place in September, so if you were unable to make the August date, please try and send us your data by Monday 2nd September. We will be running a number of validation checks on the data during this time and we will still have time to query data with you.


How can we help?

There is support available to guide you through the benchmarking process:

All support is free of charge; if you would like to discuss your requirements please contact a member of the performance networks team on 0161 772 1810.


Validation Meetings - forthcoming dates!

These are group data checking sessions to check the data which has been submitted to APSE while it is at a draft stage, prior to the final reports being produced. The groups look at the data files returned to date, authorities excluded from performance indicators, high and low parameters and any new data collection. This will also flag up any extra queries that the performance networks team need to make.

Please ensure that you submit your own data file(s) prior to this date. If you submit your file(s) by 2nd September we will have time to check your file and query any data with you prior to the sessions taking place.

Attendance at these meetings is open to all APSE Performance Networks member authorities registered for this service and is free of charge. Please click on the following link to book your place on these click here.

We currently have the following dates scheduled for 2019:


  • Markets - 21st August (10am - 1pm)
  • Refuse - 16th September (9:30am - 12:30pm)
  • Street Cleansing - 16th September (1pm - 4pm)
  • Sports and Leisure - 17th September (9:30am - 12:30pm)
  • Corporate services - 20th September (11am - 3pm)
  • Catering - 24th September (9:30am - 12:30pm)
  • Building cleaning - 24th September (1pm - 4pm)
  • Roads and Street Lighting - 26th September (9:30am - 12:30pm)
  • Cemetery and crematoria - 27th September (9:30am - 12:30pm)
  • Parks - 27th September (1pm - 4pm)


  • Transport - 18th September (9:30am - 12:30pm)
  • Building maintenance - 18th September (1pm - 4pm)
  • Environmental health - 19th September (9:30am - 12:30pm)
  • Trading standards - 19th September (1pm - 4pm)


New best performer award methodology!

We are proposing to revise the methodology for calculating the best performers this year. This will be subject to the approval of the data validation meetings listed above but the new methodology will:

1. Assess performance within the family group standing, as opposed to across the whole service (across all authorities).

2. Take into account the number of performance indicators an authority could appear in (those that they can qualify for) as opposed to the number of performance indicators that they have submitted data for.

Therefore, if an authority could have appeared in 8 PI’s but only submitted data for 6 PI’s then the participation weighting will take this into account. To have your say about the new methodology, please confirm your attendance at the relevant meeting click here.


Validator training

APSE would like to invite you to be involved in the data validation, peer support and peer checking processes for performance networks. This includes a variety of opportunities to get involved in group checking, on-site audits or off-site support.

We are holding Validator training days as follows:

17 September Hamilton 

19 September Manchester

More information on the validator training session can be found on our website.


Corporate services

If your authority is a member of APSE performance networks for all services, you can participate in the corporate services benchmarking module at no additional cost. Please forward this newsletter on to any relevant colleagues within your authority. Please email performance.networks@apse.org.uk to register your interest in this service area.

Performance indicators include:

  • Organisational development/human resources (OD/HR)
  • Information and digital technology (IDT) 
  • Registration services
  • Legal services
  • Training / learning
  • Democratic services
  • Complaints
  • Finance and financial services
  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Cost of services
  • Equality and diversity
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Governance


LAMS app

We now have over 30 local authorities using the LAMS app.

More information on LAMS is available here.

If you would like to sign up to LAMS and/or the app, please email performance.networks@apse.org.uk for further details. Please note: there is no extra charge for members to be involved in LAMS although there is a small annual charge for the use of the app. Use of the LAMS app is not essential to the use of LAMS (the current paper-based system can still be utilised).


Performance Networks Seminar - Blackpool 2019

The measure of tomorrow: 20 years of benchmarking

The annual APSE performance networks seminar will be held on 5-6 December 2019 at the Grand Hotel, Blackpool. A full flyer for the seminar will be issued in September 2019.


Performance Networks Members Portal

Promoting excellence in public services

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