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Network News - February 2016


Welcome to the February 2016 edition of network news. You should all by now have received your 2016 calendar which gives you notification of some of the important dates coming up in the year. We have also set out below some of the new reports and information that you will be getting as part of your performance networks membership in 2016.


Second batch reports – new style of reports!

Second batch reports will be processed during February and reports will be issued throughout March. These reports will be in a new style, where the profile tables will now be produced across all family groups and extracted from the graphical reports, together with the trend analysis. Therefore, all authorities will receive an electronic version of these new reports as well as an updated PI standings report even if they have not made any amends. Following the completion of the final performance reports in March, we will then go on to produce the last of the reports containing Year 17 data.


Case studies on productivity and quality

We are currently asking those authorities who have improved productivity whilst maintaining or improving quality of service during the past 5 years to write a short case study on how they have achieved this. In addition, we have asked the winners of the best and most improved performer awards to write a short case study to tell us how they have been able to improve and maintain a high performing service. Both of these publications will be sent out to members as soon as they have all been submitted.


Summary reports

The summary reports contain the summarised data that was collected during year 17 across all organisations and includes trends, averages, highest and lowest figures. Analysis is also produced by country. One report is produced for each service area.


Performance at a glance reports

The new ‘health check’ dashboard-style report was issued last year which shows your organisation’s performance against the average performance of your family group. Whether your result has improved or not from the previous year is also shown. Icons in red, amber and green are used to display this information and the idea of this report is that authorities can see 'at a glance' where they are performing well and where improvements may need to be made. These reports were produced over a small set of performance indicators last year and have been built on this year to include the full performance indicator suite for each service area.


Direction of travel reports

The direction of travel reports are personalised reports for each service area and show your last 5 years results across selected performance indicators against the overall average for each service. These are now available from the web portal and a full report will be posted out to main contacts as well.

Streetscene report

If your organisation has submitted data for both the street cleansing and parks templates, you will qualify to be included in the streetscene report. This report looks at performance by structural arrangement; whether you are fully integrated, partially integrated or not integrated for delivering streetscene services.


Land Audit Management System (LAMS) for green spaces and streets

LAMS has been used for a number of years by some authorities in Scotland as a means of measuring grounds maintenance standards in terms of quality through inspections. This service was offered last year to performance networks members for parks, open spaces and horticultural services following a successful pilot. It was also offered to performance networks members for street cleansing where local authorities chose to use this system as a quality inspection for streets as well. The system is flexible in terms of the number and frequency of inspections carried out and results are benchmarked via a bi-monthly report. It is free of charge for existing performance networks members for these services and training is provided to help to support organisations to implement this.


Quarterly housing maintenance module

A quarterly housing maintenance module was developed last year. The module focuses on benchmarking a small suite of housing maintenance indicators on a quarterly basis and is intended to complement the existing annual data collection exercise. This is offered free of charge to performance networks members for building maintenance.


Dates for your diary!

Forthcoming working groups in Manchester

Environmental Health 9 March

Building cleaning 16 March

Sports and leisure 21 March

Transport 22 March

Cemetery and crematorium services 23 March




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