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New approaches to energy and housing

Experience from Nottingham including site visits to Trent Basin low energy, high quality development and Energiesprong Ultra Low Energy Homes

Friday 8 February 2019

Loxley House
Station St


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APSE Energy is holding an event in conjunction with Nottingham City Council to look in detail at 2 sites with a focus on how the latest designs and technology have impacted upon the energy agenda.

The Trent Basin, an award winning sustainable development at Waterside in Nottingham is a low energy, high quality development. Use is being made of cutting edge smart home and Internet of Things technologies to better understand and predict energy use and behaviour enabling residents to be armed with the information they need to make informed choices and to help optimise operation of the community energy scheme for the benefit of all. Energy is stored on site in the largest community energy battery in Europe. The aim of this project is to demonstrate that it is possible to minimise the use of fossil fuel generated energy, lower energy costs for homeowners and to reduce carbon emissions.

Ten homes in Sneinton are being retrofitted as the first in the UK to benefit from innovative energy saving and energy generation measures via a ground-breaking approach to retrofitting housing solutions, known as “Energiesprong.”  The programme of work is part of the next phase in the city’s Greener HousiNG programme. Regarded as a revolutionary model it brings today’s houses up to 2050 standards of energy efficiency. The approach, pioneered in the Netherlands, upgrades a home with new outside walls and windows, a solar roof, and a state of the art heating system.

Presentations about the role of the council in bringing forward both projects will be made and site visits will provide further detail of the projects in situ.

There is a significant role for local authorities in APSE Energy’s vision of ‘the municipalisation of energy’ and ensuring the highest standards both in new housing developments and refurbishment schemes is part of that role.

Those with responsibilities in the areas of energy management, housing, asset management, investments, planning, fuel poverty, sustainability and transformation will benefit from attending.

This event is free to attend for all APSE Energy members with no limit on the number of attendees from member councils. Officers and councillors from councils who are not members of APSE Energy are also welcome with the charges set out below.



Energy as a council priority
Wayne Bexton, Head of Energy Services, Nottingham City Council

Energiesprong ultra low energy homes
Arnout Andrews, Energy Project Manager, Nottingham City Homes

Trent Basin low energy development
Nick Ebbs, Chief Executive of Blueprint

Energy Projects
Katie Greenhalgh, Energy Project Manager, Nottingham City Council


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