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Validator Training


This training course allows you to be involved in the data validation and error checking processes for APSE performance networks. This includes a variety of opportunities to get involved in group checking and on-site audits. After the training day you will be invited to take part in the data validation and error checking processes for those selected for the best and most improved performer awards. The validations will take place in October and November, so we would particularly welcome those who would be able to assist during these months.


Format of the day
The training day programme is as follows:
• About validations
• The 3-stage validation process
• Live data interaction and electronic validation
• At what stages can I get involved?
• What to expect as a validator
• Preparing for the validation
• Meet and greet
• Help and support

The training will teach you transferable skills, which can be used beyond APSE performance networks, such as in your own workplace.

All you need to do is access the training session via a laptop or your mobile phone, and you’re good to go.

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Data Validation Training 2020

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 17 September 2020

 30 September 2020


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