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SCATTER - Nottingham City Council


Nottingham City Council announces launch of SCATTER; a free online carbon reporting tool to support local authorities in responding to the Climate Emergency

APSE Energy are happy to announce the work of our partners Nottingham City Council on an initiative which will benefit local authorities.

Nottingham City Council Energy Services have been working with partners on an initiative in the form of a free online tool called SCATTER to enable local authorities to be able to work out their current stance, potential impact and next steps on delivering responses to carbon reduction goals following the climate emergency declared by the UK government.



The past year has seen a decisive shift in momentum on carbon reduction following the release of the IPCC 1.5 special report, which called for urgent climate action by 2030. This has led to over 150 local authorities across the UK having declared a climate emergency and setting ambitious carbon reduction commitments.

Many local authorities have been tasked with a short window to develop responses for this comprehensive challenge. SCATTER is designed to make it easier for local authorities to meet the complex challenge of understanding and reporting on city-wide carbon emissions.

This is a project which has been funded by BEIS for Nottingham City Council to work with partners on enhancing this tool. A beta version is now available, with a full launch to take place in autumn.

Wayne Bexton, Head of Energy Services at Nottingham City Council, said: “The development of SCATTER provides a great opportunity to support a range of local authorities in taking their first steps along the journey to becoming carbon neutral, a journey which Nottingham City Council are also on. We are pleased to be part of the next phase of the project, aiming to increase the usability and accessibility of this free-to-use resource. We hope that SCATTER, with its city/regional inventory, carbon budget, reporting outputs and emission reduction pathway scenarios, will help support ambitious carbon reduction objectives around the country, such as Nottingham’s own aim to be carbon neutral by 2028.”

Local authorities can access the carbon reporting tool at https://scattercities.com/


For more information please contact: 

Anthesis: Jono Adams, jono.adams@anthesisgroup.com

CDP: Simeran Bachra, Simeran.bachra@cdp.net

Tyndall Centre: Chris Jones, c.w.jones@manchester.ac.uk

Nottingham City Council: Jonathan Ward, jonathan.ward@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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