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Energy Transformation: A Road Ahead - Fermanagh and Omagh District Council


Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is committed to leadership in the area of environmental sustainability. On Thursday 10th December 2020 they hosted a free online Energy Seminar.

This seminar focused on energy and highlighted the importance of policy and decision making from various sectors such as Government, Individual, Organisations & Educators across Northern Ireland and the UK.

Improvements to policy, management, governance and accountability can play a pivotal role in achieving energy, cost and carbon savings through leadership in strategic energy management. This webinar brought together a range of expert speakers that explored related topics.


The recordings from the event can be accessed here


The slides from the event can be accessed below: 

Welcome and a Local Government Perspective
Celine McCartan, 
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council


Assets, Carbon and Engagement - What Should Your Local Authority Be Doing?
Charlotte Banks, 
APSE Energy UK


Emerging Themes from a new Energy Strategy
Thomas Byrne, 
Department for the Economy


Sustainable Living in Camphill Community Clanabogan
Peter Archdale, 
Camphill Community Centre


One Planet Living Approach in Action?
Alan Strong, 
South West College


Educating for Sustainability at South West College
Dr John Moore,
 South West College


Hydrogen Activities in Northern Ireland
Ian Williamson, 
HyEnergy Ltd


Building a Sustainable Future - The Role of Local Government
Nichola Hughes,
 Sustainable NI


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