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Online Meeting - Climate Emergency Actions Plans

Wednesday 10 June 2020 - 10:00am to 11:15am 


The questions – what is a good action plan? how to produce one? how to use it to make a difference?

We are all aware of the importance of climate change even though it hasn’t been dominating the news lately. There are obvious links to COVID-19, such is the breadth of the climate change/sustainability/energy agenda. There remains a need to make progress to meet climate targets, whether these have emerged directly from a climate emergency declaration or some other strategy or policy standpoint. 
Producing an action plan can provide a dilemma – on one hand, officers produce and councillors agree, action plans on a regular basis and so they know how it’s done and the principles are the same whatever the scale. On the other, these particular action plans need input from across the organisation, are not the domain of a single service, are large scale, must fit with existing strategies, should involve external partners and are long term. 
We will hear about experience from Winchester and East Lothian, both of whom have ambitious plans and look at the role of officers at the corporate centre when managing such plans. The session will also consider the practicalities of formulating an action, identifying content, engagement and ensuring the action plan retains a high profile over the long term.

Naomi Wise, Sustainability Officer
Winchester City Council

Jennifer Lothian, Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Officer
East Lothian Council



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