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What can local authorities do to tackle poor air quality?

Leeds Civic Hall, Calverley Street, Leeds, LS1 1UR

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Leeds City Council has moved a long way in how it is addressing air quality issues and this event is held in Leeds so that we can hear from some of those most closely involved. Air quality has risen up the political agenda because of the impacts on the health of citizens and the growing number of people affected by breathing difficulties and heart problems. The move to low emission vehicles is a related issue and a further prompt to the growth of this technology is the potential reduction on air pollution. Other approaches being taken include work place parking levies and low emission vehicle zones. Air quality monitoring is a vital ingredient in the mix and having an effective policy and model is also fundamental. Keeping up to date with legal responsibilities and progress is another element of the debate. As a fast moving agenda it is important for those responsible to remain aware of developments and policy options.  



Session one: Why is this a priority for local authorities?

A health perspective – vehicle emissions and the impact on public health
Dr Ian Clifton, NHS Leeds

Increasing the quality of your citizens’ air
Andrea Lee, Senior Campaigner, Clean Air Team, ClientEarth

Session two: What actions can local authorities take?

A workplace parking levy scheme
Nigel Hallam, Parking and WPL Service Manager, Nottingham City Council

Leading the way – Leeds City Council
Polly Cook, Executive Programme Manager, Leeds City Council

Session three: Case studies

Oxford City Council’s exclusion zone – a world first
Mai Jarvis, Environmental Quality Team Manager, Oxford City Council

Air quality planning guidance – experience from Lancaster
Paul Cartmell, Senior Environmental Health Officer, Lancaster City Council

Getting your fleet in order
Terry Pycroft, Head of Fleet Services, Leeds City Council

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