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Scottish Social Media Seminar 2013

Scottish Social Media Seminar 2013

Hampden Football Stadium, Glasgow
Tuesday 27 August 2013

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Seminar objectives

We are all well aware of social media, Facebook, Twitter and apps but few are making full use of the opportunities. The technology is fast moving and sometimes the hype tends to run ahead of what's genuinely achievable. This seminar will provide real examples of the use of social media in supporting local authority services - street cleansing and waste, soft fm, housing services and highways as well as council communications. It will showcase examples of local authorities just starting out in social media as well as those with an established approach, providing learning regardless of which stage you are at.


Practical application of social media in catering services
Bill Kennedy, Tayside Contracts

Practical application of social media in highways and winter maintenance service
Carolyne Mitchell, South Lanarkshire Council

A new way to communicate with the electorate
Cllr Paul O'Kane, East Renfrewshire Council

Scotland's digital future: The delivery of public services
Colin Cook, Scottish Government

Practical application of social media in environmental services
Esther Gunn-Stewart, North Ayrshire Council

Practical applications of social media in housing services
Lynsey Smith, North Lanarkshire Council

Practical applications that work for frontline services: Keeping it legal!
Paul McMahon, Brodies LLP

Social media and the ensuring council
Paul O'Brien, APSE

Facebook - what is there to like about it?
Stephen Fraser, Midlothian Council


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